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Meal Delivery Plans

The Latest Trends in Meal Delivery Services

Joe Schwartz

Joe Schwartz

Meal Delivery Plans Editor

Gone are the days where preparing your food started at the grocery store and ended at the dinner table. image

What's on the Menu for 2019?

Busy lifestyles and trends in healthy living led to the establishment of meal delivery services and millennials just about flipped out. There was no more questioning of what to make (or order) for dinner, as their trusty self already picked out a recipe earlier that week. How convenient! In recent years the meal delivery industry has seen a rapid increase, leading existing companies to expand, and more companies to be established.

However, as we venture closer to mid-2019, meal delivery companies have really had to up their game and cater towards a wider audience with many different preferences in regard to diet, food allergies and health concerns. Customers’ wants and needs have significantly reshaped these companies and led to a wide range of new meal plan concepts. Here are some of the hottest meal kit trends for 2019 and the services shipping them to your door.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

In recent years people are becoming much more aware of environmental issues and more action is being taken on the cause. As we have seen in many restaurants and coffee shops, Plastic straws were just the first step – an entire wave of anti-plastic use is coming. And one of the biggest criticisms of many popular meal delivery services is how wasteful they are when it comes to plastic. Smaller companies have popped up trying to eradicate this flaw and bring a greener approach to meal delivery by offering eco-friendly and sustainable meal kits in order to keep up with the latest concerns.

More Focus on Diet and Health

People are becoming increasingly aware of their diet and well-being and we have certainly seen a rise in veggie diets and vegan restaurants. Whether you’re vegan, paleo, on Whole30, keto, gluten-free, or have diabetes, there are meal kits that’ll help make a specific diet easier. These stricter diets can often leave you feeling frustrated and tired of old favorites. Meal kits like these can help you feel refreshed and less stressed about planning your meals. With the rise of health influencers being viewed all over social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, people are more willing to try out different diets. That's why many meal delivery services now offer a wide range of customizable meals designed for all different kinds of foodies.

Technological Advances

Is technology taking over the world? Well, it's certainly made an appearance in the food delivery industry. Nowadays, there are dozens of different meal delivery apps popping up on the market, they are so convenient that you don’t even have to turn the stove on! Not only have meal delivery companies started using apps, but there are also hundreds of different ways that you can order your food. Other than using your smartphone, you can now order your meals via twitter, Smart TV or a Virtual Assistant. Therefore, meal delivery companies are going to have to up their game and keep up with the latest technological innovations.

Amazon Meal Kits

When talking about the technological advances in meal delivery, you can’t miss Amazon Meal Kits. These are similar to the other popular services on the market where it contains all the ingredients for a meal for two, however, a little more tech-savvy. These recipes link with Alexa-enabled devices to provide instructions and cooking tips to allow for streamlined cooking. These meal kits can be purchased at select Amazon Go and Whole Foods locations and can be delivered to other select areas as well with AmazonFresh and Prime Now.

Does Location Matter?

The simple answer, yes. The meal delivery industry is mainly catered towards more densely populated areas and that's why some companies will not deliver to certain locations. Originally it was mostly used in busy city areas where people don’t tend to use cars, however, in recent years has been expanded to suburbs and other residential areas.

Whether you’re looking for a meal delivery service to fit your vegan diet or a readymade gourmet meal delivered right to your door, there are endless companies and delivery options that can easily do the job. Unlike the previous industry powerhouses, the more niche brands are coming out with tailor-made programs for you and your dietary requirements so there’s no need to stress when it comes to mealtime. With the latest technological advances in the industry, you'll never have to go to the grocery store again. Bon appetit! image

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