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Medical Alert Bracelets: The Complete Guide

Joe Schwartz

Joe Schwartz

Medical Alerts Editor

Thinking of purchasing a medical alert bracelet, but not sure where to begin? Find out the benefits of medical alert bracelets and whether or not this makes the right choice for you or a loved one. image

An elderly person or someone with a health condition may not have the ability to make a phone call in the event of an emergency such as a fall, fire, or medical issue. In situations like this, someone may need help as soon as possible. Medical alert systems give peace of mind, making it extremely easy to get help during an emergency. With just the press of a button, someone can send for medical assistance by dialing up an emergency response center.

Medical alert companies have many different monitoring options for providing a personal emergency response system, from at-home detection devices to portable, wearable options. Medical alert bracelets make a great choice for ensuring the safety of a loved one in the event of a medical emergency. Someone can easily wear these devices, bracelets, or watches on their wrist and enjoy an active lifestyle.

How Do Medical Alert Bracelets Work?

With medical alert bracelets, the user wears a monitoring device on their wrist. Rather than carrying around bulky equipment, users can wear a small bracelet or watch that doesn’t stand out or look obvious. They can activate the system immediately by pressing a button to request medical assistance.

What Kind of Features Do Medical Alert Bracelets Have?

Each company offers different kinds of monitoring devices that come with a range of features. Before choosing a device, make sure to consider some of the common, useful features available for purchase such as:

Fall Detection: An elderly person may have a higher risk of falling and hurting themselves. In this situation, they could sustain serious injuries and even become unconscious. In this case, they won’t have the ability to send an alert, and it could take a long time for help to arrive. Fall detection will automatically send an alert to the medical monitoring center in the event of a fall. This life-saving technology gives peace of mind, making sure that a loved gets help right away after falling.

GPS-Enabled Devices: GPS capabilities will track the location of a person while also giving the user the flexibility to travel and enjoy an active lifestyle. In the event of an emergency, the operator uses the GPS locator to pinpoint the user’s exact location and send help. This makes an especially useful feature for an elderly family member who may become confused or lost. Knowing where your loved one goes ensures that they stay safe no matter where they go.

Water Resistant: A medical emergency can happen at any time, and someone could easily slip and fall while taking a bath or shower. With water-resistant medical alert bracelets, users can wear their devices anywhere without worrying about damaging the equipment.

Range: Before purchasing a medical alert bracelet, make sure to consider the user’s lifestyle. Some devices have limited detection range and may only provide their service in the home. More active users should invest in bracelets with unlimited range. Medical Guardian, for example, has unlimited range on its devices so that so that users can go about their day, continue with their lifestyle, and still have the comfort of their GPS-enabled medical alert bracelet.

Medical Alert Bracelets vs. Medical ID Bracelets

While shopping for medical alert systems, you may also come across medical ID bracelets. While medical alert bracelets send an alert to a monitoring center in the event of an emergency, medical ID bracelets contain information about a person’s medical records, such as allergies, heart conditions, etc. Someone can also have emergency contacts engraved onto the bracelet. Paramedics use this information to administer emergency treatments. These bracelets also help emergency responders avoid treatment errors. These bracelets, while also useful, have no monitoring capabilities like a medical alert bracelet. image

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