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How to Prepare For an Online Psychic Reading

Allison Dienstman

Allison Dienstman

Online Dating Editor

Choosing a reliable psychic is no longer a complicated process and you can now speak with a quality psychic from the comfort of your home. But how should you prepare for this psychic reading? image

Because almost every online psychic reading service charges by the minute, being prepared for your reading is absolutely essential. The last thing you want is to call a psychic medium, and forget your questions, or have to cut the call short. Follow the tips below to adequately prepare for and get the most out of your psychic reading.

A Quiet Room

First of all, before calling or chatting with a psychic medium, be sure to find a quiet comfortable room that is free of distractions. Turn off anything making noise and shut the door to ensure your call will be uninterrupted. Be sure to also find a comfortable place to sit, if you are standing or pacing, you may not be able to think as clearly or jot down your thoughts.

Pen and paper are essential

Speaking of jotting down your thoughts, you should definitely have a pen and paper ready to take notes during the phone call. You should also sit down several minutes before your call and clearly write out your questions and thoughts. During the call, you may forget the questions you had and you'll be much happier if you are prepared. Keep your notes in a safe place, you may want to revisit them during future readings.

Ensure a Good Internet Connection

This one is pretty obvious, as you don't want your call or chat to end prematurely. If you are using a phone, make sure the signal is strong and ensure you stay in a place where the network is solid so that the session will never be interrupted at any point. If you plan on getting a psychic reading via online video chat, be sure to close all other programs or anything else that might slow down your computer.

Presence of Mind

Aside from the physical setting around you, you should also prepare your spirit and soul so that you can emit the right energy that will allow for perfect communication with the psychic medium. Good energy will always lead to good reading, while the reverse is the case with bad energy.

Avoid Being Too Specific at First

When you are ready to start your reading, be careful about the questions you ask, since most psychics will rarely give a “yes” or “no” answer. Instead of asking “yes” or “no” questions, it is better to ask a broad question that will generate a qualitative response from the psychic. For example, instead of asking a specific question like if you someone is a good person, you ask about the person's qualities and strengths.