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Looking to find out more about your ancestral background, why you possess certain traits, or simply want to know what helps make you, you? Compare the best DNA testing services on the market with our expert reviews.

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Limited Time Offer - Only $59!

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With 85 million users and historical records.

AncestryDNA provides a complete picture of your family history and ethnicity.

Living DNA offers one of the most in-depth DNA tests on the market.

Vitagene DNA provides ancestry-based diet and fitness recommendations.

Personalized health reports on nutrition & fitness

35+ DNA-powered products with actionable insights

Detailed information about the origins and history of your ancestors

Tests for potential genetic disorders to help prevent disease

Compare Top Value for Money DNA Testing

    • $99
    • 6+ million users
    • Results in 6-8 weeks
    • 350 worldwide ethnic regions
    • Identifies relatives through DNA matching
    • Large international pool
    • Regular phone support
    • Microarray-based autosomal DNA testing
    • $99
    • ---
    • Results in 10-12 weeks
    • Ancestry of 80+ population groups
    • No family matches
    • English results only
    • 24/7 online support
    • Maternal and paternal ancestry available
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Jackie Elliot, Colorado, USA

For years I’ve been trying to piece together my family tree using old records and documents. Now, thanks to MyHeritage's huge DNA database, I was able to trace my family history and discover cousins I never knew about. I only regret not discovering MyHeritage sooner!
smiling woman

Andrea Jefferson, New York, USA

For my mom’s 60th birthday I decided to try something new and order her a MyHeritage DNA test. At first she was a bit skeptic and didn’t think she would learn anything new, but wow was she wrong! The results were fascinating and revealed so much about her genealogy.

Joe Schwartz | DNA Testing Editor

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Surprising Reasons to Try a DNA Test


What do you know about your great-grandparents? Maybe you know their names but probably not much else. Where were they born? Where did they come from? Who were their great-grandparents? 

Only a few years ago, most of these questions were unanswerable, but today, thanks to DNA testing, we can now discover so much about our genealogical backgrounds. DNA kits have the ability to change the way we relate to ourselves and our families, and can even alter how we connect to the world around us.


What is a DNA Test Anyways?

A DNA test is a specialized test that analyzes your unique genetic code. This code is like our own individual blueprint and determines everything from our looks to our unique traits and characteristics. 
There are four common types of DNA tests on the market and each serves a different purpose. Parental DNA tests can establish and determine a child’s biological father, whileForensic DNA testing helps identify suspects or victims involved in a criminal investigation. Gene therapy DNA tests parents or a fetus in utero for genetic conditions or birth defects, while Genetic DNA, helps individuals learn more about their ancestry and race.


How Does it work?

A Genetic DNA test is simple. There’s no needles, no blood test, and no peeing in a cup. Instead, DNA kits come with a small oral kit that you use to swab the inside of your cheek. The entire process takes less than a minute!


What can it tell you?

Now here’s the best part. I recently tried a DNA test using MyHeritage and was amazed by the results. I knew that most of my ancestry was British and Irish but the results also showed I was 9% Italian, 7% Iberian, and 4% Middle-Eastern. These were definitely not places I’ve ever felt connected too. With these results, I also started using MyHeritage’s Family Tree Builder and was amazed to find long-lost cousins in Italy and Lebanon. 
No matter what you think you know about your family history and your personal DNA, there is no doubt that DNA results will shock and delight you. Check out the top DNA testing kits and discover which one is right for you.


What kinds of DNA tests are on the market?

There are four common types of DNA tests on the market- Parental, Forensic, Gene Therapy, and Genealogy. 
Parental DNA tests establish and determine who is the biological parent(s) of a child in question, while Forensic DNA testing helps identify suspects or victims involved in a criminal investigation. 

Gene therapy DNA testing tests parents or a fetus in utero for genetic conditions or birth defects, while Genetic Genealogy, sometimes referred to as a Lineage DNA test, helps individuals learn more about their ancestry and race.


How do I take a DNA test to test my ethnicity or lineage?

There are several ethnicity estimate and lineage DNA test on the market. Testing with these kits is simple and pain free- no needles or blood drawing required. Submit your sample to the lab by providing either a cheek swab or a saliva sample.


How much do heritage or ethnicity DNA testing kits normally cost?

DNA tests range in price from as low as $79.00 to as high as $359.00 depending on test specifics and optional add-ons.

Typically, the more genetic markers a test analyzes, the more expensive it becomes. However, with the rising popularity of these tests, many companies regularly offer discounts, coupons, or additional test kits at a reduced price.

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