Expert Woocommerce Review 2020

In a nutshell: WooCommerce, offers a powerful tool for building and managing an online store. You can easily install the platform and get started with customizable templates created specifically for an online storefront. With over 400 extensions, users can pick and choose the features they need, from accepting payment methods to managing inventory.


WordPress represents the leading online website builder, but does it live up to the hype when it comes to running an online store? Many customers agree that WordPress eCommerce, called WooCommerce, stands out as one of the best choices for building and managing an online store.

The platform offers full flexibility and customization. Store owners can choose from over 400 extensions for nearly everything including subscriptions, payment methods, shipping, marketing, and beyond.

Customers can install the WooCommerce plugin for free. Although many of the features may cost extra, WordPress eCommerce still has enough free extensions available to get your store up and running. Customers can pick and choose the features they need without overpaying.

Newbies may find it tricky to learn how to use WordPress eCommerce at first. In addition, some may prefer to pay for a package that includes a range of features with a fixed price.



The WordPress eCommerce platform comes with all the essential features you’ll need to effectively build and manage an online store. The basic plan includes enough features to get your store up and running. However, if your business requires more advanced checkout and shipping tools, you may need to upgrade with add-ons.
Over 400 extensions: Customers love WordPress WooCommerce because they can tailor their online store to include features as needed. Some of the best WordPress eCommerce extensions include:

  • Social media integrations
  • Payments (including different currency options)
  • Digital marketing tools for email, social media, promotional, etc.
  • Online shopping cart
  • Merchandising
  • Subscriptions
  • Shipping Inventory management
  • And more


Payment Options

When running an online store, you’ll want to give customers as much choice as possible when it comes to payment options while still staying within budget. Ecommerce on WordPress has extensions available for a range of payment methods, many of which do not cost extra to add to your site. Customers can pay using credit cards, direct bank transfer, checks, cash on delivery, Stripe, PayPal, Amazon Pay, and more. You can easily customize payments according to your needs.


Plans and Pricing

Customers can download WooCommerce for free and add extensions as needed. The eCommerce WordPress platform has over 400 extensions (many of which are free), each offering a unique feature that can make a big difference in optimizing sales. That can range from payment options and shipping to digital marketing tools. Best of all, you get a lot for free and only pay for what you need.

On the downside, some store owners may prefer more of a package deal that includes a host of features with one fixed price. However, WooCommerce does offer bundle packages that combine important tools into one easy installation.


Customer Support

In comparison to its competitors. WordPress for eCommerce lacks when it comes to efficient, personalized customer service. You can’t reach support directly through live chat, email, or phone. Instead, you’ll need to submit an online ticket to get in touch with a representative.

Customers who need assistance have a few options. If you haven’t signed up for a subscription with WooCommerce, you can either check the FAQ's or fill in an online contact form. Registered customers enjoy dedicated support, but only available through filling in a request.

Where WordPress eCommerce does excel is in its online resources. Their website has plenty of self-help guides available to anyone such as documentation, FAQs, blog articles, and forums. Their service also offers WooExperts for Hire, a team of in-house web experts, although this will cost extra.

Price Free $120.00 per year
Abandoned cart reports
Deal of the Day & Customer Loyalty Plan
Facebook store
Mobile store
Phone Orders & CRM
Ratings & Reviews
Shopping cart
Social media store
Staff accounts
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited

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  • 400+ extensions
  • Free to download
  • Easy installation
  • A-la-carte features
  • Limited support
Bottom Line
WordPress Ecommerce has a range of features offered a-la-carte for efficiently managing an online store.
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