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How to Become a Freelance Graphic Designer?

Joe Schwartz

Joe Schwartz

Freelancer Sites Editor

So how do you get started? How to become a freelance graphic designer?

Whether you are a seasoned graphic designer or a fledgling designer, becoming a freelance graphic designer is as easy (or as hard) as making the decision to embark on an independent career, wherein you are your own boss, you decide how many projects to take on, which projects to work on, how much you charge, your work pace, and so on.​​​​​​​
So how do you get started? How to become a freelance graphic designer?

1. Build a portfolio and CV

Before you can begin your illustrious career as a top freelance graphic designer, you need to compile a solid CV and portfolio that will grab the attention of potential future employers. Since the freelancer job market is highly saturated, you want you CV and portfolio to truly stand out. Highlight your strengths, past experience, completed projects, accomplishments and achievements, and put your best foot forward with an impressive portfolio featuring all of your best works. Compile as diverse a portfolio as possible, and include any web, mobile, animation and video projects you may have completed, or that you think look exceptional and that could wow an employer.

2. Choose a top freelancer site

It is not enough to have an amazing CV and portfolio. To truly excel as a freelance designer you would need the help of one of the top freelancer sites, to post your CV on and to aid you in securing future design projects. As you may have already found out, when it comes to freelancer sites, no two sites are alike, and some freelancer websites may be more suited to your needs than others.
Compare and contrast the top-rated freelancer sites and make sure that the site you choose specializes in your field of expertise, offers a varied pool of job offers and projects, and that the service in question does not kill you on commissions for each completed project brokered by the site. Also, check the site's terms of agreement and policies on how payment is completed and what happens when and if an employer is dissatisfied with your work.

3. Stay on top of design contests

To be a successful, high grossing freelancer, you need to stay on top of new design projects and contests. Also, entering and winning as many contests as you can successfully complete will help you financially, as well as help you develop your skills, acquire valuable experience, and leave you with more fabulous projects to add to your growing portfolio.

4. ... And don’t forget to report your earrings

Last but definitely not least. You must, MUST report you earrings in compliance with your state tax laws and federal tax laws. If your employer pays you over $600 in a calendar year, he or she is required by law to equip you with IRS form 1099 reporting your earnings, and you must follow your state’s tax compliance laws to the tee or you risk an audit.

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