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5 Benefits you get when Installing a Security System in your home

Tyler Pack

Tyler Pack

Guest Blogger

When purchasing a home, most people often use what they immediately see as a parameter for a good home. An example is the bedroom. Are the beds and furniture still good? Another is the kitchen. Are the chairs new? Is the sink still in immaculate condition? Asking these questions is an excellent way to find out if the house you're buying is right. However, it's a good idea to include the safety and security features a home has when you're planning to buy one.

In the United States, burglary is a common crime happening every day. More than a million burglaries occur during the morning. To make matters worse, only 17% of homes have a proper security system or CCTV installed. Homes without security systems are 300% more likely to be the target of criminals. 

The statistics mentioned above are worrying and are fast becoming a problem for homeowners. Not only do thieves target properties, but they can also harm the people present when they do their crime. It's good to have a security system with reliable and best security cameras to avoid such problems. Remember, only you and your decisions are what separates your family's safety from these criminals.

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To further ramp up the security system for your new home, here are some more benefits you can get when you install one:


Deters criminals

One of the best benefits you can get by installing a security system in your home is that it can scare away thieves. As mentioned earlier, homes that don't have a security system are easy targets for criminals. 

The same study also shows that 83% of burglars who attempt a break-in looked around for a security camera. 60% of these burglars immediately changed their minds when they saw one. As you can see, even the sight of a camera in your property is enough to scare these criminals and prevent a robbery in your home.

Helps you with Insurance

Although security systems and cameras are excellent deterrents for criminals, some hardened thieves risk it and go through with stealing your stuff. When a break-in happens, you should make an insurance claim. The footage from your HD or High Definition cameras will come into play when making an insurance claim. 


Helps with Investigations

Serious crimes may or may not happen on your property. However, with the help of your HD Cameras, you can help police officers investigate crimes. An HD camera can easily identify a person or suspect from reasonable distances. If you're unlucky and happen to be the one victimized by thieves, CCTV footage can help aid officers for a faster resolution to their investigation.

Not only are you speeding up the process of your case, but you're also helping in keeping your neighborhood safe from repeated attacks from the same thieves. In some cases, some provisions can allow the authorities to request the footage caught on your cameras.


Monitors your family

A good security system isn't limited to watching and deterring criminals from your home. You can also use your cameras to monitor family members in and out of your house. For example, if you have some kids, you can safely track them in case they get out of your home. Some security systems have motion detectors that can go off if something or someone, in this case, your children, get within range.

It's a sad reality that most of our beloved elders can develop Dementia, Parkinson's, and other debilitating conditions. For those who have elderly relatives inside their home, a security system can also aid them when it comes to their safety.

Accidents and medical emergencies may also happen inside your home when you're not around. For those unable to call medical services immediately, your security system can make immediate notifications to the proper authorities should the need arise. 


Offers a Smart Solution

One way to increase the value of your property is by installing smart security systems. An intelligent security system provides a lot of features that can instantly transform your house into the model home of the future. These systems include a connection with proper emergency services, gas leak detection, and HD cameras. 

Another feature that's a hit with these smart systems is the ability to open and close doors remotely. Some can even turn your appliances and lights on and off. These features come in handy when you're away or on vacation. 

If you're looking to sell your house, then a smart security system will surely add to the total purchase value of your home. Buyers won't notice your system first. A walkthrough of the property will provide them a feeling of safety and security because of those smart security systems.



A security system can do a lot to toughen up the security and safety of your property and family. Having one installed can deter potential criminals from breaking into your property. You can also help police with their investigations and contribute to the overall safety of your neighborhood.

If you have children or elderly loved ones in your residence, then the HD cameras of your system can help monitor their whereabouts and condition. Most systems are connected with your local emergency services so you'll have no worries about contacting them in case emergencies happen. Lastly, a smart security system can improve the value of your home in case you decide to sell your property.



About the Author:

Tyler Pack is a full-time real estate consultant and part-time content writer. His favorite subjects to tackle are real estate, interior design, lifestyle, and finance. When he’s not busy juggling his two jobs, Tyler spends his time at his favorite cafe while sipping cafe latte together with family and friends.

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