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Online Job search Statistics - And how you can improve your chances of landing a job interview?

Joe Schwartz

Joe Schwartz

Job Sites Editor

Did you know that 79% of job recruiters in the US will first research a candidate online before summoning them to an interview?

Did you know?

- That 79% of job recruiters in the US will first research a candidate online before summoning them to an interview?

- That only 13% of people actually keep abreast of the information posted on them online??

- And that 82% of recruiters admit that a candidate’s online information is one of the key factors in determining if a candidate is viable and will be called in for an interview?

So what can you do to improve your chances of landing that elusive interview?

Since it has been made abundantly clear that the information posted on you (or that you yourself have posted) online does play an important role in helping employers decide whether to summon you in to interview or not, following are a number of tips and steps you could implement to improve your chances:

1. Google Yourself - First thing’s first, Google yourself to review all of the information available on you online, it’s what a potential employer would do and it’s what you should do too to ensure that you are ‘properly’ represented online.

2. Update Yourself - Make sure that all of the information posted on you online is up to date and relevant. For example, if you have a Linkedin profile (which I highly recommend as it is one of the leading social networks for job seekers and employers who are looking to connect and network), check and see whether your contact information is still relevant, and that your CV, cover letter, and references are all up to date.

3. Optimize Yourself - It’s not enough for your online information to be up to date, you need to make sure that your information is as alluring to a potential employer as possible. How? Make sure that your CV is impressive, that your Facebook and Twitter profiles give off the right impression of you as a person and potential employer, that any professional, as well as personal, achievements you may have accumulated are posted online, and so forth.

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