Best Mattresses for Back Pain

Do you suffer from back pain and often find it hard to get a good night's sleep? It's
important to choose a mattress that provides you with the comfort and support that
you need. Compare the best mattress brands for back pain.

Top Features
Price (USD)

  • Cyber Monday Sale: $150 OFF
  • Best priced luxury mattresses
  • Luxury innerspring construction
  • 120-night trial for all mattresses



The Good / Saatva offers both free white glove delivery as well as a 120 night trial when you purchase your mattress, making the delivery process a breeze.

The Bad / The mattresses are a little on the heavier side which can make them harder to move from place to place.

The Bottom Line / Saatva mattresses are all crafted from high-quality, luxurious and eco-friendly materials with an innerspring construction, so you can always enjoy a good night's sleep for an affordable price. 


  • Black Friday Sale: SAVE $100
  • Free gift worth up to $169
  • Cooling cover & gel memory foam
  • 365-night risk-free home trial
  • $699

The Good / Nectar costs less than most foam mattresses. You can purchase a queen model for $699 including shipping, 365 trial period, and forever warranty. 

The Bad / If you’re looking for the sink-in, contouring feeling of memory foam, Nectar Sleep mattresses tend to feel firmer compared to other brands. 

The Bottom Line / Nectar consists of a dual layer memory foam with a cooling gel top layer. The mattress offers good back support and feels firmer than most foam models.


  • Black Friday Sale: $200 Off
  • Optimum balance & support
  • 365-night trial
  • Lifetime warranty
  • $999

The Good / With DreamCloud, you get a quality hybrid mattress for a fraction of the price. A queen model costs $1,299, but feels like sleeping on a $3,000 luxury mattress. 

The Bad / DreamCloud reviews by customers have complained about issues with delivery. For some, it took over 6 weeks for their mattress to arrive after purchase. 

The Bottom Line / DreamCloud mattresses combine layers of blended cashmere, memory foam, latex, and an inner coil system, providing medium-firm support perfect for back sleepers.


  • Cyber Monday Sale: 10% OFF
  • Full-foam for extra comfort
  • Materials designed in America
  • All models sleep cool
  • $896

The Good / Casper mattress provides an ideal option if you are mainly looking for comfort with a touch of support and pressure relief. 

The Bad / The medium firmness of Casper Mattresses may be too soft for sleepers of a heavier weight due to the foam materials.

The Bottom Line / The Casper mattress offers a comfortable feel with a supportive base making it an adequate option for petite to average weight sleepers. 


  • The Black Friday Sale: SAVE $200
  • 3 adjustable firmness options
  • ECO-Tex memory foam
  • Fast & free delivery
  • $530

The Good / Ecosa mattresses give customers full flexibility. Customers can adjust mattress firmness at any time using three different removable layers. 

The Bad / Ecosa mattresses has limited online reviews from previous customers. Some complain of difficulty changing mattress layers as well as mattresses lacking any bounce. 

The Bottom Line / Engineered by NASA-funded researchers, Ecosa mattresses provide a state-of-the-art mattress with a 100 day trial and 15 year warranty. 


  • 20% OFF with code: GIVETHANKS
  • Hybrid foam and coil construction
  • Minimal motion transfer
  • 100-night sleep trial
  • $300

The Good / Allswell mattress provides an affordable, hybrid mattress that pleases all types of sleepers. It comes with extra features such as cooling properties to ensure you have a perfect night's sleep.  

The Bad / Allwell limits its warranty to one mattress per year for ten years only, whereas some mattress companies offer a generous lifetime warranty.  

The Bottom Line / Overall, the Allswell is exactly what the name suggests: a crowd pleaser mattress with all the necessary features and benefits to give you the best night's sleep possible. 

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Most Commonly Asked Questions About Mattresses for Back Pain


Why is it so important to choose the correct mattress for back pain?

If you suffer from back pain it is important to have the right level of support when you sleep, if not it can really affect your sleeping patterns and ultimately worsen the pain.


What firmness level is recommended for sleepers with back pain?

For optimum comfort, it is suggested that you choose a mattress that isn't too soft or too hard. Therefore, a medium-firm level is


How often should you replace your mattress?

Although there is no defined lifespan for all mattresses, it has been suggested by experts to replace your mattress between every 8-10 years. However, this can also depend on the construction, if the mattress was made with high-quality materials it is more likely to last longer. Innerspring mattresses tend to last longer as they allow for even weight distribution.


How can you prolong the lifespan of your mattress?

In order to keep your mattress in good shape, it is recommended that you rotate your mattress once every 6-8 months. This is because your body can eventually leave an impression on the same spot so rotating allows it to recover and makes it less likely to wear out.


What is the difference between a memory foam and innerspring mattress?

Memory foam mattresses are designed in order to conform to the shape of your body. The memory foam responds to your body heat and pressure. When you get off the mattress it will return back to its original shape. Innerspring mattresses are made up of spring coils which are surrounded by layers of padding, reducing overall motion transfer. in terms of deciding as to what is a better choice, it really is a matter of opinion and what sort of sleeper you are as well as the quality of the mattress.


What is the difference between a Euro Top and a Pillow Top?

A Euro Top is an extra layer of stitching  which offers plush support, they are useful for those with neck or back pain. A Pillow Top is an extra layer sewn to the top of the mattress in order to add an extra layer of softness.