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Zenhaven produces eco-friendly mattresses made with natural latex, 100% organic New Zealand wool, and organic cotton. While most high-end latex mattresses can run you close to $5,000, Zenhaven provides an affordable option and costs $1,899 for a queen sized model. 

Zenhaven provides soft support, perfect for alleviating back pain. If you sleep hot, the wool and open cell structure helps regulate body temperature. With Zenhaven, customers get multiple firmness options. The mattresses are also flippable so you can turn it over to choose which side you find more comfortable. 

Zenhaven comes from leading mattress company, Saatva, Inc. Known for its impeccable customer support, Zenhaven by Saatva rival competing brands for its quality service and reliable 20-year warranty. Once your order the mattress, Zenhaven provides white glove delivery, installation, and mattress removal.


Construction and Firmness

Zenhaven strives to reduce its carbon footprint and constructs mattresses using a Talalay manufacturing process which does not produce any byproducts harmful to the environment. Zenhaven mattresses are comprised of natural latex, a material made from tropical rubber trees. 

Materials are shipped to the United States, where Zenhaven factories produce mattresses using liquid latex mixed with a small amount of nontoxic, inorganic materials. The mixture results in an airy latex. Zenhaven tests each mattress core for consistency and uses infrared to check for any flaws. 

Customers have multiple firmness options. Zenhaven mattresses have either gentle firm or luxury plush versions. The luxury plush mattresses have a firmness between a 4-5. It conforms to the body while still providing enough support. The gentle firm mattress is 18% firmer and provides uplifting, pressure-free support.


Who is this Mattress Ideal For?

Zenhaven consists of several comfort layers made from Talalay latex. The materials give Zenhaven mattresses a softer, pillow-like feel. Sleepers enjoy ample spinal support, making this an ideal choice for back pain relief. 

Zenhaven conforms to the body while still providing adequate support making it comfortable for all sleeping positions. The mattresses especially appeal to those who sleep on their backs, but also stomach and sides. Those who weigh 230 lbs or more may find this type of mattress too soft and may want to choose firmer options than latex. 

Zenhaven provides a durable latex mattress with multiple firmness options. The mattresses have outstanding motion isolation so you won’t feel if the other person moves or gets out of bed. Natural wool and open cell structure help to regulate body temperature. Like other latex mattresses, however, Zenhaven has little to no edge support so you may sink when sitting on the edge of the bed.


Pricing and Sizes

Zenhaven provides luxury mattresses with a price range between $1,299 to $2,499. Zenhaven mattresses cost more than well-known manufacturers like Casper. You may pay double or triple what you would for less expensive mattresses. 

However, Zenhaven mattresses go through a multi-step Talalay process which uses natural latex made from tropical rubber trees. The process results in an airy, yet firm mattress. Zenhaven tests each mattress for quality assurance. 

While Zenhaven costs more than budget brand mattresses, you actually get a good deal in terms of latex mattresses. Luxury brands can cost double or triple the price of Zenhaven. You get a luxury feel without the price tag. 


Zenhaven Mattress Models and Pricing:

Twin: $849

Twin XL: $999

Full: $1399

Queen: $1499

King: $1799

California King: $1799

In addition to mattresses, you can purchase bed frames, foundations, and adjustable bases. The Linear Adjustable Base costs between $1,199 - $2,498 and provides outstanding comfort. You’ll get a remote-controlled adjustable frame that elevates the head and feet individually. It even offers wave, leg, and head massages. The adjustable frame also allows you to split a king size mattress so two people can customize elevation settings. 

You can pay using Visa, MasterCard, Discover, PayPal, American Express, and PayPal credit. Can’t afford to pay all at once? Zenhaven also charges 0% APR for splitting payments over 6 months or less. Zenhaven secures all purchases uses SSL encryption so your financial information remains safe when shopping online.


Delivery and Warranty

You can try the mattress risk-free with a 120 trial period. That means you can avoid going to the store altogether. You can order everything online, and Zenhaven will deliver nationwide right to your door. If you don’t feel happy with the mattress, you can send it back within 120 days. Zenhaven mattresses are delivered to your doorstep and assembled for you. 

The company produces mattresses in the United States and delivers across the continental United States and Canada. Zenhaven does not ship to Hawaii but can accommodate customers in Alaska under special arrangements.


Customer Support

Zenhaven is a subsidiary of the leading mattress company, Saatva, Inc, known for its outstanding customer service. You can reach support directly through a number of convenient channels. The live chat support is available 7 days a week, through online contact form, or by email. You can also reach support 24/7 through the phone.

Zenhaven also hosts a dedicated Facebook page on social media. Here, customers can stay in the loop with the latest products and learn more about Zenhaven mattresses. They can also send a message or leave a comment on the Facebook posts. The page doesn’t have reviews of Zenhaven, but you can see what other customers have commented on recent posts.


Word on the Street

You can find out about customer experiences by reading online Zenhaven reviews to know what to expect. Zenhaven is a part of Saatva, Inc., a large mattress company that also produces Loom and Leaf. The Better Business Bureau gives Saatva a perfect A+ rating. Customer reviews of Zenhaven and Saatva also reflect this quality. Out of over 140 customer reviews, Saatva has received an average 5/5 stars. 

The online forum and news aggregator site, Reddit, also features lots of discussions and reviews of Zenhaven mattresses. You’ll learn that Zenhaven offers an affordable choice compared to other latex mattresses. For example, Pure Talalay Bliss mattresses can cost close to $5,000. You won’t get the same level of quality with Zenhaven, but you still get a comfortable, well-made mattress at a lower price point. 

According to the general consensus of customers online, Zenhaven provides an affordable alternative to luxury latex mattresses. You benefit from outstanding customer service and home delivery without spending more than $2,500 for your mattress.

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