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5 Ways of Getting Back into the Dating Game

Joe Schwartz

Joe Schwartz

Online Dating Editor

it’s never too late to get back to dating, and if you are looking to start dating again, here are 5 ways to kickstart your search for that special someone.

No one said dating would be easy, especially when you find yourself at an age where most of the friends who surround you are paired up, married and already have kids of their own.

You were sick of going on date after fate with no real results, or hope of finding your ideal mate, and have decided to take a break from dating? I get it. Well, it’s never too late to get back in that saddle, and if you are looking to start dating again, here are 5 ways to kickstart your search for that special someone:

1. Re-adjusting Expectations

You’ve been out of the game for quite a while, and things are bound to have changed, in your personal life, your career, the way you view the world in which you lfve, and so on.

Before you truly get back into the dating world, try to re-define and re-adjust your expectations when it comes to your ideal mate. Maybe even jot down a list of adjectives that best define you, your outlook on life and what you are looking for in a match, so that, when you do get to the point where you start dating again, you will be more ‘target oriented’ - not a very romantic notion I know, but knowing what you are looking for ahead of time helps whittle down irrelevant partners and save you time and effort, not to mention the heartache of going on countless dates only to discover there isn’t really a click.

2. Boost your Confidence

The way in which you see yourself will most definitely affect the way in which others perceive you. So, whether you left off dating because you felt that it was a waste of time, that you were unable to find that special someone or that you were getting jaded and your self-confidence was getting alarmingly thin, it’s always a good idea to remind yourself of how wonderful you are, and how much you do deserve to find love, before you commence dating.

3. Dating Sites

We live in a golden era of online dating sites it seems, when there is a dating site for virtually any dating niche imaginable, from mullet-lovers to sea captains aficionados, dating sites that cater to a certain age demographic and dating sites that are designed for individuals of a particular religious or ethnic background.

The top online dating sites will undoubtedly open your horizons to a mass of new potential matches, whom you may not have normally had a chance to meet if it weren’t for online dating.

4. Updating Online Profiles

If you do decide to give online dating a go, don’t forget to update your personal profile, including your above mentioned, re-adjusted dating requisitions, your expectations from dating, in addition to your personal information and an engaging (and most importantly!) up to date profile picture.

5. The Tried and True

And if all else fails, the tried and true method of localized dating is always a decent option to fall back on. Whether it’s the ol’ bar scene, meeting friends through mutual acquaintances, or even attending corny dating mixers in your area, there are advantages to going old skool with the terrifying, yet effective, face to face method of dating.