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5 Web Hosting Myths and Urban Legends

Joe Schwartz

Joe Schwartz

Web Hosting Editor

Before you embark on your very own web hosting adventure, let us dispel some of the more common hosting myths.

1. The best web hosts offer unlimited resources

The first and most commonly told urban legend when it comes to shared hosting is that the best web hosts will offer their customers unlimited disk space and bandwidth. False! ... For two reasons: A. Most web hosts offer their customers unlimited resources these days, so it is impossible to differentiate which is the best web host based on this condition alone. B. There really is no such thing as unlimited disk space and bandwidth. When a web host says it will provide its users with unlimited disk space and bandwidth what it actually means is that customers can use an unspecified amount of space, but not in one go and not initially. The web host itself will actually decide the resource constraints on your website at any given time, and you may find yourself without the ability to upload content to your site if you have exceeded this unknown allotment of resources.

2. The costlier the web host is the better the service will be

If it’s pricier it must be more professional right? False! Haven’t you heard the adage: bigger isn’t always better? Well in the case of shared hosting, you can find perfectly adequate hosting for your website, even if you are using completely free hosting, it all depends on your hosting needs (i.e. the resource allotment, server uptime, and the amount of quality of supplementary hosting features needed to host your website). If you are planning on hosting a personal or small business site, you may find that going with a cheaper web host will conserve your funds, while still providing you with a solid service standard.

3. Only experts can host their own websites

I can’t ever possibly hope to host my website by myself if I am not an IT god right? False! The top web hosting services are specifically designed to help you, the everyday user, set up and successfully publish your website, in a relatively uncomplicated manner. With so many web hosts available to you, make sure to choose the one that offers you an easy to use cPanel, solid server uptime guarantee, free website building tools, a plethora of  supporting hosting features and, most importantly, 24/7 professional customer support, so that you can build and host your very own website with ease.

4. The best web hosts have zero negative reviews

If I want a good web host I’ll need to find one with absolutely no negative reviews. False! There never was and never will be an online service (or product for that matter) that has not incurred some negative feedback. There will always be at least one user who is somehow dissatisfied with the provided service, product, customer support, added features, price, and so on. The trick is to know what you are looking for, what is important to you in a web host, and to make damned sure that the web host you are considering excels in providing its users with exactly that which you are looking for.

5. Any hosting provider will do

All web hosting service providers are the same. False! And I cannot stress this enough, but choosing the right web host for your website could mean the difference between a site that enjoys solid servers and high traffic volume, and a website that experiences repeated server downtime and is impossible to access and navigate. Also, if you are planning on hosting your very own business or ecommerce site then finding a web host that specifically caters to business clients, one that offers SEO and marketing supplementary features, as well as an uptime guarantee, and advanced security features, is imperative. So take the time to shop around, and compare and contrast your web hosts before committing to buy.

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