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Boosting your Brand SEO

Joe Schwartz

Joe Schwartz

Web Hosting Editor

Learn how you can use SEO tactics to boost your brand, page rank and traffic volume

Each and every single person in the marketing and advertising industry recognizes the power SEO (or Search Engine Optimization)  tactics have concerning website and brand promotion. SEO tactics are designed on the general premise that the higher your Google page ranking is, the more traffic your website will see, and the more awareness that will be generated for your brand.
What are some of the more commonly employed SEO tactics, you ask?

1. Embedded Keywords

Embedding ‘popular’ keywords (keywords that have the highest number of average monthly searches)  into your site content, uploaded articles and blog posts, will increase the chance of users who are looking for these keywords to find their way onto your site. Not only will embedded keywords drive an increase of traffic to your site, they will also ensure that Google index and re-index your website pages and that your site will grow in page ranking for those embedded search terms. When using embedded keywords, I recommend you make absolutely sure to avoid ’keyword stuffing’ by sticking to a no more than 3% keyword ratio in any given article, post or site page.
You can find keywords pertaining to your industry by using the Google Keyword Planner tool. In addition to finding the most relevant keywords in your field of service, you will discover what common keywords your competitors embed on their sites.

2. Link Sharing and Link Buying

Generally speaking, the more links leading back to your website from outside sources and pages, the more times Google’s web crawler will revisit your website and re-index it. That’s where link sharing and buying come in.
Link sharing refers to embedded links and URLs that will be placed, free of charge, on a guest website. Usually, the URL will be embedded in an article or blog post and will be uploaded on article sharing sites (preferable sites with a reputable standing and with a relatively high Alexa score).
Link buying, on the other hand, involves paying for links leading back to your site to appear on guest sites. Personally, I think that link sharing is an overall better practice than link buying since embedded links are generally regarded in a more favorable light by Google than links that were obviously purchased and are not as ‘organic’ as embedded links.

3. Dynamic content pages

Adding fresh content and dynamic content pages to your site will ensure that Google index these new pages and re-index your websites, thereby boosting your Google page ranking. Blogs and articles are great examples of fresh new content you can periodically upload to your site, incorporating internal links and relevant keywords.

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