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Make a Website for Free Online - Why Anyone Can do it!

Joe Schwartz

Joe Schwartz

Website Builders Editor

You’re looking to build your very own website, but you are technologically impaired? Here’s how, and why, anyone can make a website for free online...

You’re looking to build your very own website, but you are, shall we put it, somewhat technologically impaired? Here’s how, and why, anyone can make a website for free online and why you don’t have to be an expert webmaster to build your own e-Commerce, business, or even personal site.

First, the Why:

Building a web presence - By now, you already know that if you want any decent kind of exposure for yourself or brand (in the case that you are in retail or that you are a service provider), then you need your very own website. Building a web presence for you and/or your brand starts with building a website that showcases who you are and what you have to offer.

Expanding your reach - Your very own website will solidify your web presence, as well as help you expand your reach so that you can really get your message out there. A website will definitely allow you to reach more people (or potential customers) by advertising yourself and/or your wares online, and advertising your site on your social networks thus driving traffic and interest to your site.

Boosting your brand - On top of building your web presence and expanding your reach, by building your very own website you can boost your brand. How? Well, by simply having a website for your brand you already gain the ‘prestige’ or accreditation attributed to a business or service provider that has a professional-looking website of its very own. Making a good, solid impression is an important a step in boosting your brand as advertising and site promotion would be.

Then, the How:

Defining your needs - First thing’s first, what are your website building needs? What kind of website are you interested in creating?  How many pages will your website be needing? Will your website need any special e-commerce features such as an online store, e-shopping cart and secure payment software? The website you are planning on building, and your site building needs, will help you narrow down free website builders to the best website builder for you, and help you decide with which service provider to design and create your site.

Choosing the best free website builders - No two website builders are alike and you should take the time to compare the top website builders before you begin building your site with one or the other. In accordance with your pre-defined site building needs, make sure that you select the free website builder that best gives an answer to your needs.

Coming up with a design concept - Every website, whether it is a personal, business, or e-commerce website, needs a design concept. Your site’s design will influence how your site’s visitors will perceive and interact with you and/or your brand, or in other words: will determine user experience. For those of you who are planning on building a free website, it is highly recommended to make good use of the design templates and schemas offered to you by your choice of free website builders. These templates are designed to help you build a concept for your website, and easily implement said concept to start the quick creation of your very own site.

If you build it they will come - When it comes down to it, building your very own website with free website building tools are meant to be an easy and relatively simple and quick process. The best free website builders will feature intuitive user interfaces, easy to implement design templates, simple drag and drop tools for the placement of content and additional design elements on your site, and so on. Getting started with your very own website is as easy as choosing a website builder to work with, choosing a domain name for your site, as well as a design concept, carefully orchestrating the placement of content on your site’s pages, and (finally!) publishing your site with your choice of web host.

Good luck!

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